Stuck in The Mud. 

Stuck In The Mud is a beautifully written children’s book aimed at youngsters between the ages of 3 and 7 years. The story illustrates the importance of asking for help while encouraging perseverance and the value of friendships.

Eleanor is heading out across the farmyard but finds herself stuck in a muddy puddle. She calls for help and one by one her animal friends come along and offer to help her out. Follow her journey to find out how she comes unstuck!

Stuck in the Mud is the collaboration between Sally-Anne Peek and Lorna who met when they attended the Berwickshire High School in Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland. Sally-Anne retired from running her own Children’s Nursery, Peek a Boo,  following a career specialising in early years education. She wrote this fun and educationally rich children’s story then met up with Lorna and discussed her thoughts and feelings regarding the book. Lorna then set to work creating the characters inspired by items of clothing and footwear worn by her own children as they were growing up and even included the families favourite pets, one being their 21 year old cat. Adding a couple of mischievous mice allowed for a bit of additional entertainment for both the reader and read to!

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